Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Wall Street Journal's Off Duty Section Today Features Two of Philip Thompson's Summer Cocktail Creations at The Coterie Room

"Summer-ize Your Spirits" Kevin Sintumuang's headline shouts in today's Wall Street Journal.  And we couldn't agree more.  This collection of drinks to make at home, or enjoy here with us, exudes some of what we love best about summer here in Seattle.  "It's time you thought about expanding your summer drink palate...  All of these recipes make "Mmmmm. Refreshing" the two least boring words you could possibly utter."

On the Ruby Peach Sintumuang says, "Can sweet drinks be deep and rich? This one is. The Grand Marnier and ruby Port give the cocktail multiple dimensions."  And the Frisky Dingo? The WSJ reports, "A pleasantly sweet, tart and slightly bitter cooler that's a little too easy to gulp down." 

Come by one of our places (Spur or Tavern Law) and enjoy a summery drink or visit The Coterie Room to sip Philip's drinks whose beauty shots are splashed across the pages of the Wall Street Journal. Perfect pairings at The Coterie Room are our foie and our cracklins. 

Congratulations Phil and thank you Wall Street Journal.

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